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Through proven methods and years of experience, Martin Functional Rehabilitation offers premier chiropractic services to the Central Valley. We help prevent and alleviate aches and pains common to daily life, and treat sports related injuries. If injured at home or work, we can create an action plan for healing. We strive to help the community learn functional ways to create safe work and home environments. Let us demonstrate the difference experience and caring makes in the therapeutic process.


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Fitness & Nutrition



Warrior FIT Rx and The Better Bad Method


I want to be an ambassador to spread the word that ‘exercise affects our mental fitness.’ And to let people know that no matter how old you are health and nutrition is a lifestyle not a fad. – Dr. Joe Martin
Dr.  Joe holds true to the Navy SEAL motto “The only easy day was yesterday.” Each day presents new challenges and obstacles, therefore, we must prepare our mind and body. Through Dr. Joe’s fitness and nutrition programs, Warrior FIT Rx and The Better Bad Method, you too can stay fit for life, have extra energy, clear mind, and a strong body.

Warrior FIT Rx is a functional conditioning training program that emphasizes a “multiplanar” fashion. This style of training promotes a strong mind and body for everyday living, and is suitable for everyone. From athletes to stay at home moms, Warrior FIT has a program to fit anyone’s stage in thefitness journey. The program includes, but is not limited to, battle rope, box jump, kettle bells, TRX, sledgehammer, sleds….

The Better Bad Method is a simple food exchange method which helps people identify and choose the better of the bad foods ( e.g. El Pollo Loco instead of Taco Bell, or roast chicken vs. Fried). Food is the fuel that runs the body, and what a person put in their body should be the best.